What You Can Do To Take Action

Posted on 3 Jun 21:01

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Justice For Breonna Taylor

Ahmad Aurbery Fundraiser

Register To Vote

Sign Petitions

Organizations To Follow

Text or Call
Text “JUSTICE” To 668366
Text “FLOYD” To 55156
Text “ENOUGH” To 55156

Get in contact with the District Attorney and Minneapolis Mayor. Leave a message for them DEMANDING that 4 officers including Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thao (Badge #7162) be arrested for the Murder of George Floyd.

Minneapolis Mayor’s Office, Jacob Frey
(612) 673-2100
Minneapolis District Attorney, Mike Freeman
(612) 348-5550

Support Bay Area Organizations and Groups
People's Breakfast Oakland
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail Fund
Black Earth Farms

Support black-owned restaurants in the Bay Area. Click here for a list.